Brown lion mane costume is perfect wig for dog party


Who is the king of beasts – a lion. Who is man’s best friend – the dog. We must bridge the it! Now the king of friends at home! To do this, just need a special wig for a dog, in the form of a lion’s mane.



In the New York subway banned transportation of dogs that do not fit in the bag

Bag Dimensions not specified. An exception can only be guide dogs. The guys did the right thing and resourcefully. And a friend is always there, and the rules are met.


First aid for dog. Waterproof bandage tape in assorted colors

Waterproof Self Adherent bandage for firds aid for dog


We are responsible for those we have tamed. That’s why, if we have a pet, we have to protect and take care of it. Pets, like small children can be injured. They can eat the wrong food, climbed in the bee nest, there are some poisonous snakes, and so on. And you as a good boss and one must be prepared to provide Pet first aid at any time. Bandage is fisrt step for first aid kit for pets.



If the dog has a wound or other trauma – you can provide first aid with such fun here bandages. Yoy can buy bandages for dog<> by a link or by clicking on a button.

It is important to know:

  • How to put a bandage;
  • The rules that you must adhere to if your pet has broken leg;
  • What to do with an injured pet;
  • In order to take your pet to a veterinary clinic;
  • For Pet First Aid;

And these bandages help you.


Buy pet emergency kits, and you can be sure that the first step towards pet’s security is done. Pets are the best antidepressant, so love them, protect them and be happy with them! Bandage Wrap Vet Tape in this link. Or press a button to help your pets!



10 human food is healthy for dog

If you love to shere food with your dog you should remember – some of products are toxic  for dogs. Look at this list to understand what certain human snacks are good for dog.50

  1. Chicken
  2. Outmeal
  3. Carrot
  4. Green Beans
  5. Pumpkin51
  6. Salmon
  7. Cheese
  8. Yougurt
  9. Eggs52
  10. Apples

Remember that the health of your four-legged friend is largely dependent on food. The more useful and balanced it is, the better the dog will feel. In a healthy body healthy mind.


Balto – brave dog for all time. Husky is a hero of winterland


“Parents need to know that there are thrills aplenty in Balto, an animated adventure based on a true story about rural Alaskan kids with a serious illness. Youngest viewers might not understand the threat that looms over the town, but older kids will get the gravity of the situation when they see small coffins being fit for those kids who might not make it through the epidemic. Dogs growl and fight and are in peril; some kids will be scared of Steele, the bully, and the grizzly bear. On the positive side, the movie promotes acceptance and reinforces the value of friendship.”(c) Nell Minow


“With no cheesy songs to slow proceedings down and some barnstorming chase sequences, this is enchanting, highly enjoyable and impressively crafted (not least for its adventurous “camera work”) and would have made a pretty fair live action film. “(c)Paul Merrill

“In the brutal winter of 1925, a team of sled dogs carried antitoxin across 600 miles of arctic tundra to diphtheria-stricken Nome, Alaska. The town was saved, and the dogs’ heroic trek inspired what has become the world-famous Iditarod cross-country dog sled race.”(c)Bob Smithouser


Firds Aid Kit for Pets. Save your pets live with little box

Firds Aid Kit for Pets

Sometimes animals play a very important role in a person’s life. They can protect your home and you from a malefactor. They can also look after your children, play with them. It is very awesome when an animal pet appears in your house. Dogs are among the most widespread pets all over the world. They are very kind and clever. Children adore them! With dogs they learn to love the nature, to respect friends and not to offend those who are weaker than they are. Cats are very gentle and loveful. With them your children will learn to be gentle too.

Life can be extremely unpredictable. We can’t know when and how an accident will happen, and who will suffer. It is awful when suffer our pets. That’s why a person should be always ready to protect his pet or to provide a proper Pet First Aid Care. A very important thing you should have at hand is a Pet First Aid kit, which will help you not to waste time (time is very expensive at such moments). Now you can boy in just in one click. Push on button or click a link to buy First aid kit for pets.


The pet first health care is a very important thing, because when your pet is healthy, your children and you are happy too. And now let’s define the most important things we should know to provide the pet health insurance.

Animals are very curious. Sometimes they act like a little child. That’s why you should hide all dangerous things (medicines, detergents, acids, acute things, energized wires and so on);



You should check the pet’s health every day. It helps you to find out the illness at an early stage before it worsens.
Your pets life is in your hand. Remember about it. Buy Pets first Aid kit in one click – link below. Buy First Aid Kit for animal here.