Balto – brave dog for all time. Husky is a hero of winterland


“Parents need to know that there are thrills aplenty in Balto, an animated adventure based on a true story about rural Alaskan kids with a serious illness. Youngest viewers might not understand the threat that looms over the town, but older kids will get the gravity of the situation when they see small coffins being fit for those kids who might not make it through the epidemic. Dogs growl and fight and are in peril; some kids will be scared of Steele, the bully, and the grizzly bear. On the positive side, the movie promotes acceptance and reinforces the value of friendship.”(c) Nell Minow


“With no cheesy songs to slow proceedings down and some barnstorming chase sequences, this is enchanting, highly enjoyable and impressively crafted (not least for its adventurous “camera work”) and would have made a pretty fair live action film. “(c)Paul Merrill

“In the brutal winter of 1925, a team of sled dogs carried antitoxin across 600 miles of arctic tundra to diphtheria-stricken Nome, Alaska. The town was saved, and the dogs’ heroic trek inspired what has become the world-famous Iditarod cross-country dog sled race.”(c)Bob Smithouser



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